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How to I download my photos and music on my iPhone onto my account?


Hi Lily,

Are you asking for the ability to show the photos and music on your phone directly within younity? Or the ability to 'push' the photos and music from your phone to your other younity devices? Thanks in advance for the clarification.

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Hi Jeremy,

Sorry to hear about your iPhone being stolen. Unfortunately, younity was not designed to retrieve music from you phone. It takes files and libraries on your computers (e.g. your laptop) and unifies/streams it to your mobile devices. 

How do I get my music off of my iphone 4 that was stolen? And how do I get it off of my broken laptop it was all on?
How to I download my photos videos files and music to my iPhone

Hi Shantha,

When you are looking at your files in younity, you should see a blue icon in the lower left corner of the screen; it will reveal choices for "Download" and "Share" (don't choose either yet though). Next tap that and it will put small bubbles next to all the files in the view you are in. Select each file you want to download (a small checkmark will fill the bubble), then choose "Download". 

Hope that helps. Thanks.

hi thanks it is working but how to access these files regards

Hi Shantha,

I'm not sure I understand the problem you are encountering, can you be more detailed please? You should be able to simply select the file to access it. If it is not downloaded at that time, it will stream from the device the file is stored on. If it is downloaded, it will play as if it is a local file (which it is). Is the file(s) you are selecting not playing/opening?

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