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Any way to install on OSX 10.9 Beta?


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Sorry, not yet. We're working on it.

Still working on Younity for OSX 10.9? Thanks 


Our 1.7.0 version of younity currently supports OSX 10.9

Thank you

Entangled Media

I mean for Mac OSX 10.9 version. Download from the website is not compatible with the new operating system (Maverick) does not allow install. Where I can download the program for Mac OSX?

Hi Alberto,

the screenshot of your error shows you are trying to install younity 1.6.0 which did not support Mavericks.  You need to install 1.7.0 of younity.

Can you try deleting your browser cache and seeing if you are able to get the website to download 1.7.0 instead of 1.6.0?

Thank you


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