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Can you add a way to disable automatic updating?

There are plenty of times when I connect to the internet via a cellular device. It's happened on several occasions now that my laptop will automatically download a new version of unity without so much as notifying me. I"d like to be able to disable automatic updates, but perhaps have a method of being notified of them.
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Hi Brian,
Thanks for the question. I think I understand your concern and we'll discuss internally how to address it. The issue is that if your younity iOS app is a new version and your desktop app is an old version, younity *might* not work for you. This might not be a problem when you are in front of your computer, but if you happen to be anywhere else, you wouldn't be able to update younity on your desktop. Thus, younity wouldn't work for you until you went home and performed the update.

While we are in beta, we often make changes to our code on either the "desktop client" on your computer or the iOS app or both; much more often than is typically done after beta. Going forward, we anticipate this to stop being often and occur only once every month or two.

Would that be more acceptable or do you feel that software should never auto-update? Does the auto-update cause any specific problems for you or is it simply a matter of knowing what is happening? We'd be interested in your opinion.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
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