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How to use Younity for first timers (like me!)?? The Do's and Dont's?? And tips that "Younatics" will remember everytime they use the app??

i know its hard to use a new app for a freshmen like me.. so how can i use this app?? and by the way.... is Younity is now up for Windows 8?? im now using a windows 8 laptop

Hi James,
younity supports Windows 8 computers. Just go ahead and download it from our site to all your computers (Windows and Mac), create your account, and let it scan your file system. Then download to all your iOS devices (iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch).

When you register your iOS device(s), you'll see it updating to get all the data from your computer(s). Once it's done, you are good to go!

Make sure you check out your new unified music collection and ability to access any photo/video you have.

If you have any trouble, let us know. We're always here to help. Thanks.

Please download our Mac desktop application by visiting this page in your browser on your Mac:

Then click on the box that says, "Step 1". Thanks.

how can add file on windows to younity

Hi Matin,

I'm not clear on what you are attempting to do.  Could you re-phrase what you mean by "add file on windows"?  Are you asking if you can save a file to your windows computer using younity?

I would like to be able to help you with this but I am not understanding your question.

Thank you

-Carlotta Simonson

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