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Younity cellular data usage impact.

What type of impact will the use of Younity have on my remote device(s), i.e. iPhone,etc., cellular data usage plan(s)? There's no discussion or mention about this topic in your FAQ section.
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Hi Ian. Thanks for posting and that is a great question.

By default, younity does not use your cellular data plan to stream or download files. If you try to stream a file while on cellular, you'll get a notice saying as much.

If you go into younity's Settings (from the younity main menu), you can enable "Use cellular data" to allow younity to stream files using your data plan.

To add more detail, we optimize the streams to not use unnecessary bandwidth/data. This is quite similar to other audio streaming products, such as Pandora and Spotify, in your bandwidth/data utilization.

I will go ahead and add this to our FAQ shortly. Thanks for the question!
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