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Supported Video Codecs?

What video files types/containers are compatible with Younity and the iOS App? I note that .mkv is not supported.

Hi Rocky Dog. We white list a variety of common video types, but it seems we don't have .mkv in our supported video codecs right now. Thanks for pointing this out. We'll get it added to the next update to our desktop software.

Furthermore, we'll work on finding a place to post supported file types for video, audio, document and photo. We can adjust this over time based on feedback from you and other users.

Thanks for bringing this up and sorry for any delay in getting your .mkvs streamed within younity. We appreciate your patience.

please add in other video format too especially RMVB.... asian user have more movies in RMVB format which is widely use in china movie format.

Heng,  Thank you for your suggestion.  I will forward your comments to the Product Development Team regarding adding RMVB format to younity.

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