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Multiple computers different files (work & home), how does younity handle that set up if I want to keep it separate?

How does younity work when I have a home computer and work computer? I have different files for both and want to keep it that way. Will I be able to keep those separate using the same younity account?
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Hi Wilson, thanks for your question. younity does not differentiate by devices at this time, which is one of our unique features. By doing it this way, we tie your files to your identity and make it so you never need to browse "by device".

We understand that in some cases it may be important to separate files, but at this time if you install younity on both computers you will see their files unified on your mobile devices.

Keep in mind, however, that your computers themselves will not be unified. They will remain entirely separate. But when you go onto your iPhone or iPad, you will see a unified "view" of your files.

Sorry if this poses a problem for you and perhaps in the future we'll consider file segregation by device. Thanks again for your inquiry.
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