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iOS app occupy too much space.

Why does the app Younity in IOS occupy so much space (about 400 mb of data and documents) if I have not downloaded anything (no documents or anything at all)?

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Hi Noel, thanks for your question. If younity is using 400MB of storage on your iOS device, that is very very strange. You are right, that is a ton of storage and younity should not be using anything close to that.

Unless files are downloaded, younity is only storing metadata about your files on other devices. Thus, if you have an enormous volume of files, it could well take up 10s of MBs, but not likely 100s of MBs. For example, I have about 1TB of data from about 30K files and my metadata takes up about 50MB.

Please send us your logs from the Settings menu in the upper right corner.

If you want, you can do a quick test for us:

1) Go to Settings, verify Disk Usage and then go to the bottom and unregister your iOS device;
2) Once that is done, quit to the home screen;
3) Force quit younity by double tapping the home button, hold down the younity icon, then click the little 'x' over the younity icon;
4) Restart younity, register the device to your account;
5) Go into Settings and see what "Disk Usage" is;
6) Lastly, let younity fully update your metadata to your device, then reverify Disk Usage.

Sorry if this seems laborious. Feel free to not do it, but I figured I'd give you the option. We appreciate your patience and will do what we can to resolve any issue you are having. Thanks.
I did what you told me and yes, when I did it, the disk usage reduced to 20mb. The problem is that when I start reading documents, the disk usage begins to increase really a lot. I know the documents are not being downloaded but then... Why is that when I just read a document, the disk usage increases? Is it supposed to be like that? I'm going to send you right now my logs in an email. Thanks!

Thanks for sending in your logs. We do cache documents while you're reading them. When you're done reading them the cache should be cleared. Is this not working for you? If not, please view a document and then send your logs again right after viewing the document. Thanks for your debugging efforts.
This topic seems to be over 2 years old and somehow I have the same problem. Shouldn't this issue have been solved by now?
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