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Where do downloaded files end up?

When you download a file to your device, where does it end up? I've tried apple music files, PDF and photos yet none show up on my iPad mini in the relevant application. Do they download someplace else? Great work by the way!

Hi Jason, thanks for your question. As you may know, younity streams your files by default, in which case those files do not take up any storage on your mobile device.

If, however, you choose to download files, we store them in local memory on your mobile device. The local memory is assigned to younity as you download files on a case by case basis. You won't see the files you download in younity in other apps, because Apple's iOS sandboxes all apps (we can only access our own files, except in very limited circumstances like the Camera Roll).

So to clarify further, you downloaded files in younity are still next to your non-downloaded files. There will be an icon indicating that you downloaded it. You can give this a try by using the download button on almost any screen (button in lower left).

Let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks.
Hey Erik- thanks for the response. My next question is you "download" files so that you can access them when you're no longer connected to wifi correct? I was able to download it, see the icon you're talking about but once I disconnect the wifi I can no longer access the file and it says that particular file is not available any longer. Am I misinterpreting the purpose/use of the "download" functionality?


Hi Jason. What you are seeing is actually a bug where downloaded files are strangely not available if you don't have an Internet connection. We've actually fixed this and already submitted the new version to Apple. We are a few days into Apple's review process, so we hope to release the new version late this week or early next week.

Once that is fixed, all downloaded files will be available regardless of your Internet connection.

Sorry for the difficulty. We discovered that right after we were approved and couldn't resubmit in time. Thanks.
Hi Jason. Just a heads up that we update younity with a new iOS release today. It resolved the bug where a downloaded file is not available if you don't have an Internet connection. You can download the update from the App Store now. Thanks.
This is not happening now on my iPad, seven months after your response. Is there anything I am missing?
Hi Anand, thanks for your question, but could you perhaps clarify what you mean? What is not happening that should? The bug mentioned above in Jason's post was fixed a few days after his post actually, so we are not aware of such a bug in the product now. If you clarify what is not happening, we'll look into it and see what the problem is.
I hooked up with my desktop from my iPad. I saw a list of files displayed on the device. Then I touched the download icon, which I believe would download the files to the device. When I opened the app again, I was not online and the 'downloaded' files were simply not there. What did I do wrong?
Thanks for clarifying. When you clicked the download button, did you then click the plus signs ('+') next to each file you wanted to download?

To clarify, you download files by:
1) click the download/share icon in the lower left;
2) click 'Download';
3) click the + icon next to each file.

Once the files are downloaded, there will be an icon next to them. This badge should remain next to each downloaded file until you remove the downloaded files from your phone.

Can you elaborate if that is indeed what you did, but your files were not downloaded? If so, we certainly have a problem. Thanks.

NO ICON shows next to downloaded songs??  What gives.

I have installed younity on my both devices and when i open it from mobile no files are showing and a massege appears on the screen that your one of the computer device is currently turned off or may be not connected to the internet i m unable to understan how should i do and what is this? I just installed it on my computer and iphone device

Hi Muhammad we have found a bug in our downloading functionality.  We are currently reviewing how to proceed.  I will keep you posted.

I apologize for the inconvenience

-Carlotta Simonson

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