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Speed issues and questions...

hi there seems there are speed issues for me to stream music dependant on the size of the itunes playlist as small playlists load quickly? testing younity on mac mini OSX lion/ iphone 4s/ipad 3. I have plex for movies without issue so dont think its speed issue my end? Also does younity have a scheduled autoscan feature to keep in sync with new files added to my library? and lastly can muliple devices connect to the same account at the same time and could I just share only selected folders i.e just music? I am thinking of sharing my music to some friends. thank you
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Hi Dean. I think I hit most of this thread's questions in the other thread, so let me know if I miss anything. Otherwise, to your question about scanning for changes, younity does this typically anytime it notices a change on disk (e.g. file gets edited/added/deleted) in near real time respective to the change. This is, of course, not a full scan like when you register a device or when you get a major update from us, but rather an incremental update to our database. Keep in mind, however, that after a scan your iOS device must request any changes. If younity is open your phone, it does that ever 60 seconds or so.

To be fully transparent, we've seen times where this straight forward process takes much longer (several minutes or more), which we consider a bug. We are tracking that down, but in most cases it should be quite fast.

Hope that helps understand things a bit better. Thanks.
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