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Hi just testing out in UK!

Hi there just testing things out. Love the idea of this for my music away from home reminds me of streamtome, simplify media. I have found however the larger the itunes playlist the slower the file is to load and start playing when streaming on both wifi and cellular?? just wondering if its something my end? allthough I run a plex always on server at home and have 120g bandwidth without problems so should be fine? use mac mini Osx lion and iphone 4s any suggestions be great! Also could you please tell me if multiple users can access the files at the same time from a single account? but maybe with password access to specific folders only and no download options? that way i could poss share with friends my music library. Thank you.

Hi Dean and thanks for the kind words. Regarding your first question, the speed of streaming is of course determined by a few things: download speed of receiving device, upload speed of source device. However, we optimize the streams for low bandwidth. Typically, it should take only 3-4 seconds on a mediocre cell network for your music to start playing. If this is significantly different, it is most likely bandwidth, although it is important to note that if you are not on the same network we are relaying your stream through our servers (over SSL, unless it's video), which means that it is going across the pond and back to get to your device. We appear to be getting a lot of European users, which is fantastic, so hopefully we will have a EU data center very soon.

To clarify though, is it song start time or playlist load time or perhaps both? If you have a very very large playlist (e.g. 400+ or thousands of songs), it does take perhaps a few seconds to read/parse that from local memory.

Generally speaking, your albums or playlists should load somewhere between instantly and in 1 second, with start times ranging from less than 1 second to several seconds for a very very large playlist to build and stream.

Please do feel free to follow up with your experiences though and if there are any issues we'll work to understand and resolve them with you.

Currently, we do not have a sharing feature. We are working on one, but we intend to do it a bit differently than what others have done. Thus, multiple users can not currently be allowed to access parts of your libraries. We'll hopefully notify you soon as to availability. Thanks.
Hi Erik thank you for the quick response and the fullness of you answer it makes a change to have such customer service! it is better understood now. As for the playlists they themselves do show up quickly, but it is when I try to select a streaming song, the whole application seems to freeze on larger playlists? I have tried this on both my 3g network away from home (which I understand will delay slightly) and also on my own wifi home network. but it still seems to be happening? I have no problem with servetome and streamtome for both movies and music, but I will have another look into it as I like the layout of your app and the option to be able to download for offline purposes. I could see me using this for my Djing if I have a central library I keep at home and need a track I may have forgotten for my gigs.
Thanks Erik and continued success to you guys
Our pleasure Dean, we're here to help. What you are describing sounds somewhat expected, but let me ask: 1) how big is the playlist (how many songs); and 2) how long does the app appear to hang until it starts playing?

For example, I have a playlist that is 442 songs. If I play it, while on the same network as the computer it is being streamed from, it takes 4 seconds to start playing but an additional 4 seconds for the screen to transition. Incidentally, this is because younity is doing a number of things and iOS is simply lagging on the processing. That's not me trying to make an excuse, just explain it. We are working to optimize this, but to some degree anytime we have a very large lookup in the database we are constrained by the resources of the device.

If I try to play the same playlist via a separate network (using a cellular 3G connection), which results in the stream moving through our relay servers, it takes 7 seconds for the song to start and an additional 4 seconds for the screen transition.

Certainly, if you are opening a playlist with say 2,000 songs... it will take longer.

This was on an iPad 3, which has a solid processor.

Let me know if this seems inline with what you are seeing and also just any generic feedback. We speculate on the prevalence of very large playlists and how much this might affect people, so it is good to hear from our users.

Thanks again.
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