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Finding the Player Controls

I have a difficult time returning to the player control once I navigate away from the Now Playing screen. Is there a quick way to pause, start, or skip a song without drilling back to the home screen?
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Hi David, thanks for your question. There are a few ways for you to quickly get to your playback controls.

1) If you are still in younity, simply select the "Currently Playing" option at the top of the main menu. This will take you to the playback screen for whatever song is playing. Please note, you can slide the entire screen to the right at any time- you don't have to click the back button if you don't want to. Just grab the screen anywhere with your finger and slide it right.

2) If your iPhone is locked, you can get to the playback controls without unlocking your phone by simply double tapping the Home button on your phone. This will reveal an on-screen menu to play/pause/skip/etc.

Hope that helps.
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