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making connection to data

Can the computer with the data be in sleep mode when accessing the data from another device?
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Hi Kirk, thanks for your question. younity is able to access files on a computer that is in "sleep" mode under many circumstances, but not all. younity itself will manage the "wake on LAN" functions built into your operating system and also power management settings in the OS so that the display can go to sleep, but not the computer itself. This enables the computer to "wake up" if there is a file request.

However, if you are on a laptop that is not plugged in, younity will let the OS put the computer to sleep in order to not affect battery life.

So the only times that younity should be prevented from getting a file on a "sleeping" computer is if the laptop lid is closed or if the laptop is not plugged in at all. Obviously, neither of those affect a desktop computer. Hope that answers your question, but let us know if you'd like more information. Thanks.
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