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I have younity installed on my iPad and I managed to install it on my iMac but I reinstalled everything. Now when I come to register on my iMac with the identical details as before, it refuses to recognise me?


Sorry you're having problems. Could you tell us what error you're getting when you register on your iMac?

Also, please note -- since you've already created an account using your iPad, and registered your iMac once before, you should just register your device on your iMac, not re-create your account.

In other words, when you launch younity on your iMac, and are presented with the registration wizard, please select "I already have an account".

Apologies not to get somewhat sooner but... I've tried both emails with the same password but I still get invalid credentials. I have even gone to change my password but it still gives me the identical error message. Is the next step to delete my account and start again? I can't check my iPad at present as it's away getting a cracked screen repaired!
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