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How do I get files that are in the SHARED FOLDERS (Windows XP SP3)?

The only files that show up on my iPAD are files that are in "My Documents" folder.
None of the files in "Shared Documents" show up on my iPAD.

Hello. younity does not currently scan shared folders, but we intend to add this in a near term release. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we should support it sometime very soon.
Would younity search the shared folders if there was a shortcut to the directories in the areas it currently scans?

Where does younity currently scan?

I am running windows home server 2011 and the program runs correctly, fyi.
Hi Jared, thanks for your question. younity will not traverse a shortcut into another directory at the moment.

Currently, younity scans the user account directories. We are preparing a release that will let you configure any additional directories, as well as external (or additional internal) hard drives. That should be out within a few weeks.

Hope that helps understand things a bit more. Let us know if we can answer any other questions. Thank you.
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