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File contents are secure, but are filenames?

You can't access file contents, but how do you handle file attributes (names, sizes, modification dates, etc.)? Do you store that, and if so, how? Are they viewable by you? Is there any visibility of any kind into that, other than by users through the client apps?

Anon (if that is your real name :)

We transfer file metadata peer-to-peer between your devices. Our servers don't have a copy of your filenames or any other file attributes. We have no way of viewing that information. Only your devices can see your files and their attributes.

I hope that answers your question, but if you would like any additional information, please just let us know.
Hello. No, we do not store anything about your files. Our servers do not have file names or file attributes. Hope that answers your question. Thank you.
I take it you two don't share an office.

Thanks for the replies.


P.S. Yes, Mike, that q.14.issue q.153.issue q.193.issue q.46.issue q.79.issue q.84.issue my real name. My mother really hated me; you don't even want to know what my middle initial is for.
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