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Isn't there a Linux version of younity?

I don't see Linux listed on the downloads page, but you say it is available. What's the deal?

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Our CTO Mike Abraham has outlined the issues and opportunities we see for a Linux version here:

If I had a Linux version available, I would pay for a premium account. My desktop runs on Ubuntu. Without a Linux version Younity is a bit useless for me. I don't feel like using Wine as a workaround.
I really wish a native linux version would be available too. Been 4 years since younity stated they had a linux version for private testing.

Any progress? Am I missing something? Or did Younity scratch the idea?


Come on Linux!!  We need the Linux client.


Can't wait to try this once they offer a Linux and Android version!
Hello and thanks for your question. We have not yet set a date for releasing our Linux version, but we will notify our users via our Twitter and Facebook accounts when it is ready for testing.

In regards to Blackberry, we currently have no plans on supporting that mobile OS. If we add it to our product roadmap, we'll post an announcement.

Thanks again for your interest and your questions.
Hello people. What are the requirements? Runs on Suse?? What are we talking times for release on Linux? Will console versions and GUI?

What are the conditions to enter the testing group?

Will there app for blackberry?
Given our small team, we are not updating our Linux version currently. We intend to bring it up to update with our other platforms next year. Thanks.
I hope there will be command line linux server, so i can run it on my storage linux box and access files from it.
Run Yonity through Wine on Linux, it's what I do and it still worked fine, had the icons and all working with sync. looking forward to seeing the official version soon though.
There is a Linux version of younity, however we are keeping it in private testing for the time being.
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