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Using Younity with Dropbox? Files have disappeared...

Good afternoon. I know Younity says it is working on connecting to online storage solutions (I assume they mean a Dropbox). When I installed Younity this morning on all of my devices it recognized the Dropbox Folder on my computer and showed all of the folders and files within those folders. I was able to open content that was stored directly to Dropbox and not stored on my macbook air. 2 hours later all of the drop box content is gone. When I save a new file to the dropbox folder it shows up on other younity enabled devices but all of "old" dropbox content has disappeared. Any ideas?

To be more specific. The Younity app on my ipad can "see" the Dropbox folder and, upon initial "synch", presented me with all of the folders in my dropbox folder. Since that time all of the original files have disappeared (they are still in my dropbox folder) and only NEW files I save to the dropbox folder appear in the Unity app. If it works sometimes, ie, if I can save a file to dropbox from my laptop and see it on an ipad, why can't I see all the files in my dropbox folder? Is it a bug that it is working with Dropbox folders or is connection to a Dropbox type folder no supported so it is figuring that out after a certain period of time?

Thank you...
Hi Spencer, thanks for your question. Bear with me, as I want to make sure I understand what you are seeing. However, before getting into your issue, let me explain how we currently work with Dropbox. younity does not currently integrate with Dropbox online at all. However, if you have a Dropbox folder on your computer(s), younity will scan those files just the same as it scans your regular Music or Documents folders. So in essence, we don't differentiate a Dropbox folder any differently than any other folder.

Back to your issue. Are you saying that you have Dropbox installed on your computer and after installing younity the Dropbox folder disappeared? If that is what happened, we would be totally baffled, as younity is not able to do anything of the sort. Hopefully, I misread what happened. But if not, we should start with your error log from all your computers (go to the icon, then Preferences, then "Send your logs to Entangled Media support."

Thanks and we'll sort out whatever is happening.
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