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Installed, registered devices appear, and still can't access files on iPhone...

I've installed Younity, both devices (iPhone and Mac) show up on my iPhone, but no files are available. It said that it had finished the initial scan. HELP!

Hi Matt, sorry for the trouble you are seeing. Lets get to the bottom of it. Is the Mac online? If so, open younity on your iPhone and see if it can download all the file data from your Mac, this often takes ~2 minutes. Once that is done, can you see and stream your files? If not, what do you see if you go to the Files view? The Music view and the Videos view?

If you aren't seeing anything, but you know your Mac is online and the iPhone has tried to download the file data, lets go to your error logs. You can send in the error log on your Mac by going to the younity icon, then Preferences, then click the link to send us your logs. On your iPhone, go to younity, then Settings, then the icon in the upper right for sending us an email.

Sorry for the frustrating delay in getting you your files. We'll get it straightened out ASAP. Thanks for your patience.
All fixed. Someone from your co. contacted me to say you were having server issues when I initially installed Yountify. Therefore, I restarted the app on desktop and deleted/reinstalled on iPhone. Works now. Thanks.
OK, glad to hear things are on track and sorry about the difficulty. Let us know if we can help any further. Thanks.
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