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Controlling automatic update and controlling which files are uploaded.

Do I have to update my phone younity app when I add something new to my computer or does it automatically update? Can I choose which file are uploaded to my younity "cloud" resource?
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Hi Adam, thanks for the question. You don't need to do a thing. When you open younity on your phone/tablet, it is asking your computer(s) if anything has changed. It does this on a regular basis, so while there may be a small delay if you are trying to measure it in real-time, younity will discover your update pretty quickly and reflect it accordingly.

In the next release coming out very soon, you can add/remove drives or folders from the default places younity looks for your files. At that point, you can choose only some files or let younity include everything.

One point of clarification, there isn't really any "upload" of your files. So including everything is pretty harmless - we don't store your stuff online and younity is always free for all your files.

Hope that answers your questions. Thanks again.
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