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Does Younity work for PC to PC sharing with no iOS device?

if I have Younity installed on my home tower computer and my laptop and also a work Macbook, is there a way to access all of the files from any of these computers or does it only work if I have an iOS device? I have tried and it seems like the answer is no.

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Hi Kevin,

Unfortunately at this time we don't support Android devices although we are definitely planning on supporting Android in the future.

Thank you

-Carlotta Simonson

Hi Support,

Does this product work on PC / MAC to Android devices?


Hello Erik,

The statement "SPONTANEOUSLY ACCESS ANY FILE, FROM ANY DEVICE, WITHOUT PLANNING AHEAD." might be leading some people in the wrong direction since you can only access any files with mobile devices. So the lack of PC to PC or Mac to PC should be clarified somewhere.

It will be a great feature i will be looking for and a real added value to Dropbox.

Nevertheless it is already a super application!!!
Thanks for the suggestion Scott. I only now see that we did not include the mobile OSes we support. Thanks for pointing that out. We'll update it so that include those. Hope to see you back soon, once we support Android (hopefully without any problems ;)
Yes, that answers it. I'll watch for when it does that and works with Android since I do not use iOS. You might make your otherwise excellent FAQ more clear on this point as I installed thinking this was its purpose. Thanks.
Hi Scott, sorry for the delay. Currently, younity does not work PC to PC, although we are working to support that as soon as we can. At this time, you can install younity on all your computers (Win and/or Mac) and also your iOS devices and younity will then unify and stream your computer files to your mobile devices. Hope that helps answer your question. Thanks.
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