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Do all systems have to be powered on in order for this to work? Says downloaded but files unavailable?

downloaded files but says unavailable. I am at work wanting to play music and can't
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Hi Kitty, thanks for your question. If you are streaming files from any of your computers, they must be turned on (although they can be "sleeping").

You can also download files so that you have them when you don't have Internet or when your devices/computers are offline. To do so, simply click the download icon in the lower left of most screens and select the files you want for offline availability. You can then get rid of these downloaded files from memory on your mobile device (won't affect the original files on your computers) by again clicking on the download icon and deselecting them or by sliding the screen to the left and getting to the "Filter" menu and selecting "Remove all local files".

Hope that helps clarify things. Thank you.
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