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Will younity play/stream DRM'd content?

Will younity play audio or video that is DRM'd, such as movies bought on iTunes or old music that still has DRM?

Currently, younity does not play any DRM content/media. If you bought movies on iTunes or other places where there is DRM, younity will not play them. Generally speaking, music purchased online hasn't been DRM'd in some time and this is not much of a problem.

When we turn on full device unification (not just mobile, but your desktop/laptop computers being synchronized), DRM content should play fine as long as you playing it on an "authorized" device (to use iTunes vernacular).

This will continue to evolve over time.
I bought the CD of music and downloaded , but won't play on here
Hi Kitty, I'm not aware of any music that has DRM currently, although if you bought it a very long time ago via iTunes there was a time (several years ago) that audio content was DRM'd. Movie purchases are still DRM'd, at this time.

To answer your question indirectly, younity can not bypass DRM controls. So if you have DRM'd content, younity will not be able to play it (nor will any player other than one that is associated with decrypting that specific DRM encryption).

For some time after Apple got rid of DRM'd audio content, they allowed people to upgrade their music files to non-DRM copies. I'm not sure if this is still available, or actually whether it was if your purchase was outside Apple's ecosystem, but you could try to search for updating DRM music to non-DRM music.
A movie thru iTunes will not play, is there something to do on my part or one of those potential future fixes? Thanks! Gary
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