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Not able to view my files when away from connected windows 7 computer. What am I doing wrong?

Hello Younity,
f/u on the answers above. I have the issue of file(s) not available when I'm away from the windows 7 computer. If I understand this correctly, I need to download the files on the Younity app while I am 'connected' to the computer so I can view it when I'm not 'connected'. Please educate me.

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Hi AP, thanks for your question. You say "following up on the answers above" in your question, but I'm not sure which answers you are referring to in this new thread you created. However, let me try to answer your question anyway.

You are correct, that if you want to view/access files on one of your computers while you don't have an internet connection (e.g. you get on a flight) or when that computer is offline, you will need to download them. Once downloaded you are good to go without an internet connection or when that device is offline.

Furthermore, if you'd like to filter the view of files to only show downloaded files, use the filter icon in the upper right corner of most views, then enable the filter to only show downloaded files. Make sure you disable this filter to see the rest of your non-downloaded files when you want to switch back.

Hope that answers your question. Thanks.
AP, I re-read your question. Are you saying that when you are away from your home network, none of your files are available? If so, I misread your question and you are seeing a separate issue. Please confirm and if so, we'll move this discussion to another thread.

To clarify further, if your Windows 7 computer is on and connected to the Internet, you should be able to stream or download your files at any time your iPhone/iPad is connected to the Internet. If that is not the case (e.g. the files or the device are unavailable), you are likely losing your connection to our servers.

Sorry if I misunderstood and let me know which issue you are seeing. Thanks.
I had to delete Younity from my computer because it was slowing down my windows 7 computer.
The other issue that I had again was that when I synced my iOS device with Younity on my windows computer, I could see the files when the computer was on but as soon as I left the house and was not on the same WiFi, all the files where showing that it was offline. Once the devices are synced, do I have to download them on my iOS device?
Hi ap. A hâve thé same issue as you. When I go away from my wifi and I connect into another external wifi net (my friends wifi for example) the app shows me a red light LAN in settings options and I can't stream any file. Doesn't younity works if you are not in your personal wifi? Thanks

I'm sorry you're having trouble with younity. Let me take a few sentences to try and explain how younity works. First, Your computer must be on in order to stream files. Second, one of the two possible connections must be 'green.' Currently, in younity, there are two ways to connect to your computer. One is directly via LAN, the other is using our relay servers. In your case if you're on your friends WiFi connection your computer should be available over our relay servers. If your computer is on and younity is running but iOS shows 'red' for our relay server then you may have a problem. Let me know if that clears things up or if you have any other questions. Thanks.


Same issue here but I didn't read how to fix this issue in the thread above. Please let me know what the fis is. It's been 2 weeks and I'm very frustrated with this app about a year ago it worked great. I changed the share setting in iTunes already
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