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Videos not arranged by folder

All my files and media is organized by folder (folder first option)...except for videos. Is there a reason that videos are ordered alphabetically with the letters for indexing along the right side? I'd like the video files by folder as well. Is this possible? Or is this a potential bug?

Hi Brian, thanks for your question. What you are looking for exists in the 'Files' view. The Videos view is built dynamically based on that specific media type, same with the Music and Photos view; however, the Files view is a standard hierarchical folder structure. It will let you navigate to all content across your devices, but by the folders/directories that you stored them in. Let me know if you don't see this or if I can clarify more. Thanks.
As soon as my other issue gets a solution (seeing all media except under "file" view) I'll try that. Since all my videos are family movies in the same directories as my photos and the photos have a nice structure under the photos view, I just assumed videos would organize the same way. But I'll look for the fix for the files view to better find my videos. Thanks much!
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