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Frustrated trying to install Younity on my laptop

I hate to always complain but I think your app is full of bugs. I just tried installing Younity on my laptop and got a message "right click on Younity icon in tray bar and select "quit Younity". Inever got that option . The only option I got was "close window". When I do that I get nowhere. What gives???

Frustrated Walter
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I'm sorry you're frustrated. It sounds to me like what's happening that you're attempting to install younity on your laptop, but younity is already installed.

That's why you're getting the message from the installer that says asks you to quit younity before re-installing.

If younity is already installed, you don't need to re-install it. If younity is already running, there should be a younity icon in your system tray.

From the other question you just posted to support, it sounds like younity is in fact installed and running. I will move to that ticket and close this one.
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