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Android version. Very important.

Why isn't there an Android version? Personally, I also develop apps, and I NEVER develop unless I can support most to all types of smartphones. It's silly. It's 2013, the world of advanced technology. That shouldn't even be a question. At this point, it's even BETTER to develop for Android. Have you been doing research? iPhone users dropped, going to Android from 97% to about 89% now. Statistic-wise.

Hi Blake,

Thanks for the interest. I can assure you that Android is on our roadmap, and will released at some point in the future. We hope you will be an enthusiastic user.

Just a point of clarification -- younity is currently free, but it is not open source.
Hi Blake,
You've always been an enthusiastic supporter, which we appreciate. To add to what Mike says, the sole reason we have not done Android is staffing. We are a very small company, working hard to grow. If we started Android, which indeed would be very very straight forward, we would have to stop doing something else- like continuing to develop iOS, Windows or Mac. We strive to make younity work very well, so if we have to choose between doing that or expanding our supported platforms, we will always choose the former.

That said, we are excited to begin growing our team very shortly and get working on Android.

Thanks again for your interest.
No worries at all, understandable. I was once a supporter and always will be. I may not be able to develop for you yet, and if I ever am I'd be glad to after my college courses. In the meantime, I'd LOVE to write you guys a review. I've written reviews for other companies. Refer to:

I can write you guys one if that helps, what kind of info would you like on it? I don't have an iPhone anymore as I dislike iDevices, but perhaps I can use a family member's iPhone to take custom screenshots and review it.
Also, definitely. It's hard to find Android developers for regular companies, as Java and Linux are open-source and require lots of programming skills and Java, so that's fine..iOS first, and hopefully soon Android.

" That said, we are excited to begin growing our team very shortly and get working on Android." I'm with you on that one.
Hi Blake, thanks for your generous offer to review younity! We always appreciate it when users feel compelled to share their story of using our software. Of course, we wouldn't want to dictate your opinion of our software, so telling your readers what you appreciate and like about our software is better than us influencing it.

Certainly, if you have complaints that might affect your review of us, just let us know and we'll do our best to address them. Our small team is really doing its best to build the best product in market. As we grow, this will certainly let us be more aggressive.

Otherwise, thanks again for your support.
Haha. I'm not that much of a jerk, I would never ever complain in reviews. Basically, I'm the type of person who would write good reviews as if he were getting paid by the company, but isn't. I write reviews out of joy and would never write anything bad to affect that company. Unless of course it's like life threatening lol. In which case never ever happens :p
I'll link a draft before posting.
Thanks Blake, looking forward to it.

Younity for Android is here!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve officially launched younity for Android! 

Download younity on your mobile device at the  Google Play Store

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