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iPad - How do I open Younity files in other apps in order to edit them?

Using iPad I would like to open files such as document or PDF files in other apps so that I can effectively edit them during lectures, etc. I cannot see the 'open in' option - in documents, when I click on the send to square with an arrow button and I receive a message that I have to create a mail account. In settings, it shows that I am connected via Facebook and Younity has my email address and password shown here also. Please let me know how I can open these files in other apps for editing - as I need this for Uni. Regards, Sarah
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Hi Sarah, thanks for your question. To open a file in another application on your mobile device: 1) open the file so you are viewing it; 2) tap the screen anywhere to reveal the contextual options menu (see attached image); 3) touch the lower right icon with the arrow coming out of the box (this is a universal export icon); 4) select the "Open In" to open in another application (the other option, "Email", lets you email the file); 5) select the application you want to use.

Also, please note that you have to have a relevant application for editing files outside younity. For example, if you want to edit a word/excel/powerpoint document you need an application like CloudOn or similar. Any application you download that lets you edit or view a file will be shown if it accepts the type of file you are exporting to it (e.g. document, video, photo, audio).

Hope that helps, but let us know if we can clarify anything further. Thanks.

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