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Where the downloads at?

Hey guys,

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Hi Justin, glad to hear things are going well and thanks for your question. Your downloads should appear inline, wherever that file is. For example, if you are in an album and looking at all the songs in that album, then choose to download the first song, you'd click the download button, then the plus sign and it would download that song to permanent memory (until you get rid of it). You'd see the icon right there in that album, showing the file has been downloaded.

There is no other place to view downloaded content other than where it would normally show up if you were selecting it to stream.

HOWEVER, you can use the filters to show only downloaded content. The filter controls can be accessed by the icon in the upper right corner of most views or just grab the screen with your finger and pull it to the left. This will reveal the filter controls where you can select to view only content that is "Available" (i.e. the device is online to stream the file(s)) or content that is "Downloaded" and it will only show files that you have downloaded. These filters can be used together, individually or not at all. You will notice the icon glows and changes appearance slightly when they are enabled.

Let us know if this is not what is happening - meaning that you are downloading files but they don't seem to be downloaded or something. That is what it sounds like you are saying. If so, we may want to get an error log where you download a file, then confirm it is not downloaded, then send us your log via the Settings tab (upper right corner icon).

Thanks again.
Ahhhhh perfect!!! I didn't realize there was a filter for just downloaded content. Thanks so much Erik! Thats perfect, I found it!

Is there anyway to transfer the downloaded songs to the iTunes library? Also, can I still listen to the music if I am not connected to younity on the computer?

Thanks again,
Hi Justin, unfortunately, Apple makes it impossible for us to put things into the iTunes library. It's simply not allowed. However, we do unify all your iTunes libraries within younity. The entire Music view is built from the iTunes libraries on all your computers. So they should effectively behave as one. You'll notice a lot more benefit as it unifies them across multiple computers and/or iTunes accounts.

When you say not connected to the computer, do you mean that computer is off? If so, you can listen to Downloaded songs when that computer is off, but you can not stream songs if the computer is off.

Hope that helps. Thanks.
Ok, thats great to know. Thanks a lot for your help and the quick responses. I really appreciate it. I will be sure to pay it forward by letting all my friends and classmates know how awesome the application is. Thanks again!

Hello Younity,
f/u on the answers above. I have the issue of file(s) not available when I'm away from the windows 7 computer. If I understand this correctly, I need to download the files on the Younity app while I am 'connected' to the computer so I can view it when I'm not 'connected'. Please educate me.
Ah, now I see your question and the answers above. Sorry, I should have checked this first. I'll copy the other answer to this thread as well. Let me know if you have any other questions.
Hi AP, thanks for your question. You are correct, that if you want to view/access files on one of your computers while you don't have an internet connection (e.g. you get on a flight) or when that computer is offline, you will need to download them. Once downloaded you are good to go without an internet connection or when that device is offline.

Furthermore, if you'd like to filter the view of files to only show downloaded files, use the filter icon in the upper right corner of most views, then enable the filter to only show downloaded files. Make sure you disable this filter to see the rest of your non-downloaded files when you want to switch back.

Hope that answers your question. Thanks.
AP, I re-read your question. Are you saying that when you are away from your home network, none of your files are available? If so, I misread your question and you are seeing a separate issue. Please confirm and if so, we'll move this discussion to another thread.

To clarify further, if your Windows 7 computer is on and connected to the Internet, you should be able to stream or download your files at any time your iPhone/iPad is connected to the Internet. If that is not the case (e.g. the files or the device are unavailable), you are likely losing your connection to our servers.

Sorry if I misunderstood and let me know which issue you are seeing. Thanks.
I am trying to push my downloaded music to my TV through an app called ZappoTV. This unfortunately is the only way I can do it. I have access to my Music folder on my Iphone, however the younity downloaded files are not stored there. Is there a way I can save to this location?

Thank you by the way, absolutely amazing app!
Hi Correctlens, thanks for your question. To clarify, are you asking if you can download your music into the Music app on your iPhone? If so, the answer is unfortunately no. Apple does not allow other apps, like ours, to insert content into other apps.

However, I notice that ZappoTV uses AirPlay to push content to other devices, such as TVs. We also use AirPlay to do the same, so if you are trying to play music or video on your TV via an AppleTV or similar device that uses AirPlay, younity will work fine to do that. Should this be the case, you'll notice that while you are playing music/video there is a small AirPlay icon on younity's playback screen. Select that to stream to any AirPlay enabled device.

If I misunderstood your problem, my apologies. Just let me know and I'll do my best to sort out the problem if possible. Thanks.
Thank you Erik. That was my question. I was hoping the ITunes app and Music app were different in terms of storing the music.

I have Samsung smart tv that is not compatible with Airplay unfortunately. It seems the only way I would be able to send the music to the tv is if a dlna device discovered the music stored on the iphone or I buy an AppleTV. Thank you for your help and your prompt response.
My pleasure. Sorry we can't fit your use case at the moment. We're working to get deeper integration with the products you are using at some point though.
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