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what do the buttons do?

What are the buttons used on your ios app? You have all of these symbols that I never seen before and you don't have any documentation on what they do. Some of the buttons don't show what they do or even do anything when press them. For example when looking at photos there is a button on the bottom left corn and one on the top right. What do these do and please tell me the other buttons please.

Hello. Sorry if our buttons are confusing. We'll work on getting some documentation together. In the meantime, pushing them should help understand their function.

If you are looking at an actual photo, not browsing thumbnails of photos, then the top-right icon is for downloading that file to your phone and the lower left is for showing the EXIF data from that photo.

On most other screens, however, those two icons are different. The button in the lower left of most screens will let you select files you'd like to download. The button in the upper right is for filtering your views. You can filter to see only files you downloaded or files that are able to be streamed because the device they are stored on is online.

Hope that helps. Thanks for your question.
There is no top right icon when viewing an actual photo..... you sure you know the app well enough to provide support?
Hello 'D'. You are referencing a question from two version of our software ago, not the current version - where we moved that icon into the bottom of the screen.
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