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Where are the playlists?

I have some playlists within my windows media player but they do not show up on playlists on younity on the phone. Where do I have to create and store playlists for them to show up on my phone and other devices?

Hi Mickey, thanks for your question. We do not currently extract playlists from Windows Media Player. If you have them in iTunes, they will get extracted and included in younity. We'll add a ticket to consider WMP in the future, but if you'd like you can add a feature request for other users to vote on. Feature voting always drives priorities for us. Thanks.
I created playlists in itunes.... I see them on my phone but when I click on them I don't see the songs within the playlist and nothing plays? What am I doing wrong?

Often this can happen if the songs that make up your playlist are 'outside' of the locations younity is setup to scan. For example, if you have a playlist comprised of songs on an external drive, you will need to make sure younity is setup to scan that drive. Otherwise, we will display the playlist (which we probably shouldn't), but not the contents.

To see what locations younity is setup to scan, just click on the younity icon in the System Tray and select Preferences -> Settings.
The songs are within the section that is scanned. What is unusual is after I create the playlist it will show up with the songs and then after a while the songs will disappear. I can play each song individually from the artist or song section of the it doesn't make sense they don't show up under the playlist. I have over 5000 songs on my computer. If I can't organize and listen to them by a playlist and have to continuously go and pick each song to listen to I will have to find another app/program that will play my playlists

Well, obviously, it's not out intention that playlists behave that way -- it's a bug that we will have to look into. And until this most recent post, we didn't realize they were appearing and then disappearing -- it sounded like they were never appearing at all.

If you would like to help us resolve the issue, please send the logs from younity on both your PC and your phone. Thanks.
Good day, I was wondering if there have been any updates made regarding the issue of playlists content appearing then disappearing? I have been experiencing the same problem for about 2-3 weeks and would love a solution. I have submitted logs from all my devices as well as for my computer.
Hi AO, thanks for inquiring. We indeed released an update last night that should resolve many issues, including yours. Your computer(s) should have auto-updated and the next time you open younity on your mobile device it will prompt you to update your mobile app in the App Store (or you can just go ahead and do that now).

Please let us know if you do not see an improvement, although we really hope you see things working much better right away. Thanks and we apologize for the bugginess of the previous release.
To no avail. The issue persists.
Hi AO,

Could you please do 2 things:

1. Please send the logs from both your computer and your iOS device.

2. Please remind me exactly what's happening. Are the playlists not showing at all, or are they still showing and disappearing and showing again?

Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.
I have submitted my logs.

The problem is that my devices recognize the playlists that I have created in iTunes but they do not recognize the contents of each playlists except for one. Initially when I uninstalled and reinstalled everything, it worked for a brief 30 minutes or so and then the contents disappeared.

We've been looking into this, and we finally understand the issue, which is this:

Users who have both a hard drive and an external drive setup in younity (which I believe you do) will see this problem. That's because we have a bug where the update from one volume 'wipes out' the update from the other volume. That's why things are appearing and then disappearing.

Unfortunately, this is a bug we introduced in 1.5.0 which is still not fixed (because we didn't realize it was there) in the 1.6.0 release yesterday.

We are implementing a fix for it right now, and may be releasing a new younity desktop update over the weekend that will fix it. This will not require you to update your IOS device, but it will cause younity on your PC to auto-update.

I will keep you posted. I'm very sorry for the continuing delay, and especially sorry that we didn't figure out the bug in time to include it in our 1.6.0 release yesterday. Thanks for you continued patience.
I thank you for your continued support and dedication to making the greatest application possible. This application has become an invaluable resource in my life and I know there are nothing but great things in store. To you and the rest of the staff, keep up the great work!

Just a quick update. We're don't have a new release ready yet, but we're convinced we have resolved this playlist issue. As soon as there is a new release available, we will let you know.

Are there any updates on the playlist issue? The playlists don't seem to even show up anymore.

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