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Can't see music files on external drive

Crazy it is taking this long

I have a very large music library, so I connect to it through iTunes on an external drive. Although Younity now sees this external drive, it shows the iTunes media folder on that drive to be empty. The only music files that Younity seems to see are those sitting on my main/system hard drive, which are not a part of my music library.

Why can't Younity see the music files on the external drive?

Sorry you're having difficulties. Is the iTunes media folder marked as hidden on the external drive?

Regardless, please send the younity log from your PC. To do so, click in the younity icon in the menubar (Mac) or System Tray (Windows). Then click Preferences -> Settings -> Send my logs to Entangled Media Support.

Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the inconvenience.

I'm having this same problem.  Music files on an external drive (which is quite large) and Younity isn't seeing them, although it did find everything on the local drive.  I currently have the search location down to just one band folder for testing and ran the scan overnight with no results.

I take it back, the material from my test scan of just one folder on my external drive DID show up after about 20 hours.  I've just set it to scan the whole thing and we'll see what happens but at this rate the scan of the external drive will take...months?  It would be nice in the future to see some feedback about what is scanning and maybe even an eta.

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