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no question - just very disappointed - nothing happens - nothing

Appears to be nothing but a data mining scam.
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Hi Gary, I'm sorry to hear that things are not working to your expectations, but your suggestion is not warranted. It is not possible for us to do what you suggest - we don't see any of your data. Inappropriate suggestions aside, if you'd like us to troubleshoot your problem, we're here to help.

First, can you elaborate on what you've done so far? younity should first be installed on your computer(s). It will scan you hard drive - this will take anywhere from minutes to hours and is based on the number of files you have and the age/speed of your computer. Typically, this is about 20-30 minutes.

Second, install younity on your iPhone/iPad. After your scan is complete on your computers (if the scan is not complete you may get some or none of your file data on your mobile devices), younity will download the file data to your mobile devices. At this point, things should work fine.

Some things to make sure you've done properly:
> Make sure that your computers are on when you use your mobile devices, if they are not then the file data won't get downloaded to your mobile devices (contrary to what you suggest, we never touch your data so the P2P nature of younity will fail if your devices are offline);
> Make sure all your devices are under the same account by going to the younity Settings menu on your mobile devices, near the bottom it should list your devices and tell you if they are available;
> If your files are in non-standard location, make sure you configure younity (in Preferences menu on your computer) to point it at where your files are stored.

Our bug rate is incredibly low, we're doing our best and hopefully we resolve the trouble you are having quickly.
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