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Cannot access files when away from main device.

So I can access files from my computer onto my phone, great! soon as I leave my computer, all those files are no longer accessible---WHY?

Hi Dave, thanks for your question. When you say that the files are no longer accessible, do you know if your computer is on or in "hard sleep mode"? If your computer is off or if it is a laptop and the lid is closed, the network connection on the computer is terminated and younity is not able to stream files from it.

However, if your computer is on and, if it is a laptop, it is plugged in with the lid open, then we clearly have an issue with younity.

If you can first clarify that, we can decide if we need to look at the error logs from both devices. I hope this helps to get a solution going. Let me know and thanks for your patience.
Thanks for the reply. As long as the computer is on and close by, I can access the files onto my phone. But when I leave and go out and away from my computer, I would still like for those files to be accessible on my phone. Is this not a feature of the app?
Hi Dave, as long as the computer(s) where your files are stored is on and connected to the Internet, you can access your files via younity on your mobile from anywhere in the world (assuming your mobile also has Internet access). Obviously, if you leave the house, but turn your computer off or shut the lid on your way out the door, then younity will not be able to access your files.

I will assume that the computer is on and connected to the Internet, so perhaps we should move on to sending your logs. Here is how you get us any error logs on your devices:

Mobile: open younity on your phone, go to Settings, scroll to the bottom, select "Send us your logs!"

Desktop: click on the younity icon, select Preferences, select Settings, click "Send your logs to Entangled Media support."

We'll take a look and see what is preventing your files from being available. Thanks again.
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