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Mac Standby - Wake on Lan

Dear Younity Community,

I love the app. However, I often need to pull files when I'm on the road. I put my main mac always into standby and would like to access these files. I have looked for Wake-on-lan tools but was wandering if anyone of you maybe had a suggestion for good tools? I have looked into getting a dyndns ip, put that into the router and set-up port forwarding. Another solution I imagined was to use iNet app.

By the way, I password entry is required after standby or if the screen goes into standby.

Thanks for your help!

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Hi Maxmillian, thanks for your question and thanks for the compliment. younity works with wake-on-lan and should allow you to access your files while your Mac is hibernating. If that is not your experience, there may be a problem.

Before troubleshooting it with your error logs, can you tell me what you do to put your Mac in "standby" mode? If you go to your top menu, click the Apple icon, then select "Sleep", that will actually put your Mac in "hard sleep" and wake-on-lan is not possible - not by us or any tool you might look for online. If you simply allow your Mac to put itself to sleep, then we should be fine and wake-on-lan will work as expected.

Having it password protected to open the screen won't affect your ability to access your files with younity.

Let me know how it is that your Mac is going to sleep and if you are simply allowing it to put itself into sleep-mode, then we should move to collecting your error logs. Thanks.
Hi all - same issue here. Even went to the Apple store to make sure all settings are OK. Hard drive sleep mode is set to NEVER, only screen saver to 10 min. I never manually hibernate my iMAC, but after an hour or so I am not able to access my files any more. It doesn't not wake on LAN... Any advice?

If it's not too much trouble, would you mind submitting a support ticket so that we can follow up with you personally? This will allow us to ask you some questions about your hardware and networking environment, as well as allow you to submit your log files to us for further review. If that's OK with you, please just click the New Ticket button on this page and follow the instructions. We will then follow up with you.

As a general comment about sleep on Macs. Most applications, like iTunes, for example, and including younity, aren't really using Wake on LAN to stay active when a machine sleeps. Instead, they allow the display to sleep normally but prevent the CPU from sleeping.

We have seen some reports of Haswell Macs (late 2013 MBPs, Airs, and iMacs) preventing sleep suppression. This is affecting all applications on those machines that attempt to suppress sleep, not just younity. We are researching the problem and, if it is indeed a problem we can address, we will do so in an upcoming younity release.

If you have further issues related to sleep suppression, please file a support ticket and we will follow up with you personally.



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