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Can I access files on my desktop computer at home from my laptop on the road?

I can see both my macs from my phone but they can't see each other? What have I missed?

I can see now that in fact the statement on your website is slightly misleading. "Access All your files, on all your devices, all the time" . You can only see/ download and share on your phone. Strange to omit this but i guess it will be included if people start asking for it ...

Hi Richie, thanks for your question. Currently, we enable your iPhone/iPad to stream/download files from all your computers. We're also working on what you are asking for though, which is a big project. Your vote is noted though and if you watch our social media channels we'll talk about a release date in the future. Thanks.
I would like this feature, too!!!


This was one of the first things I looked for after installing today. I assumed there would be a website to log into from any computer to access any file on my computer much like Tappin offers. That's how I'd get individual files from my main PC to my laptop. It seems right now I'd need to access them on my phone then email them to myself one at a time?


Dear Younity people, 

For accessing my files on my iPhone or iPad, you product is very good.  It could be amazingly GREAT if I could, from my laptop, access files that are on my desktop back at home.  I understand that was not the initial plan with the product, but ... it's what it needs to be INSANELY GREAT!!!!! 


This was one of the main reasons I bothered to download this program.  I would like to stream files from my iMac to my MacBook.

Thank you for your feedback.  We like to hear what our users want to see in our product.

We are definitely planning on adding the functionality you just described in a future release.  

We are a small startup with a long list of priorities and are working as efficiently as we can to get all of our planned functionality out to our customers.

We hope you will stick with us while we work to improve the product.

Thank you

-Carlotta Simonson

He this been completed?  I would love to stream the content of Mac at home on my work computer.

Thank you for your inquiry.  The development team is actively working on the functionality of this feature.  At this time it has not been completed. We will make an announcement once it is available.

Thank you 

Carrie Diaz

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