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Problem with music

Could you explain me how to use my Younity account to sync all my music and make it seem like in the video promo? I'd like to use Younity as an alternative with unlimited storage to the iPhone Music app.
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Hi Dario, thanks for your question. First, install younity on your computer(s). Let younity complete its scan of that computer - this may take anywhere from a few minutes to much longer (it depends on how many files you have). If you mouse-over the younity icon on your computer, it should either say "younity is scanning..." or the version number of younity (e.g. "younity 1.6.3"). Once it is done, move over to your phone/tablet. When you register younity and open it, it will take a few minutes to download all the metadata.

At that point, younity is ready to go. Open up the Music view and you should see all your music. Same for the other views. If you are not seeing that, it is either because your scans on your computers is not complete or there is a bug affecting you. Let us know if it doesn't seem to be working properly. Thanks.
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