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security of mac data

If someone gets my iPhone, will they have access to all of my computer files? Is there password security on younity, or is my only choice to use a password on my entire iPhone (which I'd prefer not to do)?

Hi Jim. The next release (coming in the next few weeks) will include the ability to PIN lock the younity app. Obviously, that in now way secures all your other applications and their ability to communicate or access data. Thanks for the question.
Since younity.has such widespread access to all files (which I consider a strength) a 4 digit pin does not seem secure enough. Please consider implementing a more robust security method.
Hi Stephen, just to clarify - younity has *no* access to your files. They are stored only where you keep them, not online anywhere. We can't access your devices, files or see file names. Thus, the most obvious way your data will get stolen is if you give people your username/password. PIN locking the app is the only facility available on iOS to lock the app unless we force people to use their full login each time they open it, which we previously offered and people generally shot themselves in foot with it.

If you have other suggestions though, we are sincerely interested in hearing them. Thanks.
Thank you Erik. I was confused because of my lack of knowledge of Younity. I was concerned that with just access to my iphone someone could delete all of my files - now i see this not the case. Your program really is what iCloud should have been!

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