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Younity is fantastic, the answer to my problem but I want to install on a hosting. Is it possible?

I want that my cloud is based on a hosting not the own devices

Hi Alejandro, sorry about the delay and thanks for your question. We don't host your data on our servers, although many other companies do. Those other options are often great services, but they generally cost more (hundreds of dollars per year) and are not private (because your data is hosted along with everyone else's data in the same place). That said, if you are looking for such a service there are many good ones like iCloud or Google Drive.
Thanks Erik. I don't say that I want to host my data on your servers. I want to use Younity to host muy data in my own hosting. Is that posible?

I know iCloud, Drive o Dropbox but they are expensive when you use several GB.

Thanks in advance :)
Thanks for clarifying Alejandro. You have a good suggestion and we could support it under a limited set of conditions. If you have admin access to the hosted device and it is running either OS X or Windows, you could do what you want now. younity will run just fine on any computer you install it on - whether it is in your house/apartment or in a data center somewhere. Most of our users actually have some kind of desktop computer that they leave on and is running in their home (making their home act like a data center). 

Let me know if that answers your question or I can provide further information. Thanks.
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