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I don't care to paid but if it is what I need

Hi, just one question
I am gymnastic Coach and I need sometimes to download some large clip in my Ipad and to see it in special program for analaizing it. This app have " open in" build into the program to chose where to open it
Thank you very much
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Hi Miguel, thanks for your question. Apple makes this more tricky than with documents, but we'll look into it now as it is something that should be more fully supported.

While we don't have the "Open In" option now, we currently support copying files and also saving them to your Camera Roll. If you view the image and touch the screen to see the on-screen menu. Then touch the upload button and select "Copy" or "Save". This will copy the image for you to paste or put the image on your camera roll which should work for most apps that let you import an image from your phone.

Hope that helps and we'll add "Open In" to our list of features to evaluate. Thanks.
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